New York Republicans Continue To Whine About Barack Obama Running For President. In Related News, The Sun Came Up Today

President Barack Obama will be in town tonight to attend a fundraising event to raise money for his ongoing presidential campaign -- because, well...he's running for president, and attending fundraisers is what people running for president do.

Obama's doing what everyone who's ever run for president before him have done is so offensive to the New York State Republican Party that every time Obama comes to town, its chairman, Ed Cox, is compelled to issue a long-winded statement about how the president should spend every waking second in Washington fixing the economy -- and tonight is no different.

See Cox's latest whiny rant below, and keep in mind that attending fundraisers is what people who run for president have to do -- Mitt Romney's been gallivanting across Europe for the past week raising as much money as he possibly can -- and pissing off just about everyone in the process.

Fundraisers happen, Cox -- get over it.

"Once again, we welcome President Obama to New York, where unemployment in both New York City (9.6%) and New York State (8.9%) remains above the national rate.

"And once again, we wish the President were here to discuss job creation and economic
growth, but it appears he's 'got a lot on his plate,'" Cox said. "It's been six
months since President Obama's Jobs Council last met publicly - during which time
he's attended well over 100 fundraisers and played 11 rounds of golf.

"Instead of focusing on creating jobs, the Campaigner-in-Chief is focused on saving
his own with a $40,000 per person fundraiser tonight at a ritzy Manhattan hotel."
Cox continued, "And if that weren't enough, tomorrow, Obama Crony-in-Chief, Valerie
Jarrett will hold another swanky fundraiser with "The Good Wife," Julianna Margulies.

"Last week, President Obama remarkably claimed, "We tried our plan - and it worked,"
despite the fact that our economy grew at an anemic 1.5% last quarter. With more
than 23 million Americans out of work, underemployed, or given up looking for work
altogether, it is clear President Obama's failed economic policies not only didn't
work, they made matters worse.

"After four years of failed economic policies, trillions of dollars in new debt,
and massive government expansion and overreach, Americans are yearning for a President
who understands how a free-market economy works and who respects the small-business
owners and entrepreneurs who create jobs.

"Americans want a President who believes in an "opportunity society led by free
people and free enterprise," not a President who belittles hardworking small-business
owners, telling them, "If you've got a business, you didn't build it. Someone else
made that happen."

"Americans want a President who will encourage opportunity and economic growth,
who will foster innovation and entrepreneurship, not a President who attacks the
risk takers and job creators who have help build this Country. Come November,
Americans will elect Mitt Romney as President."

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