New Yorkers Just Keep Making Money, Even When They're Dead

New Yorkers are so hard that even people who have, ostensibly, died, continue to rake in the dollars, apparently. Or, at least, that's what you might think given the half a million dollars in checks sent out to dead people that were still somehow cashed. The City Comptroller's Office has discovered at least 14 cases in which people kept cashing a dead pensioner's checks or checks continued to be deposited into a dead pensioner's bank account. Hm, odd.

This is actually not because New Yorkers are hard-working even in death. It's because of fraud. In the worst of the cases, someone used a dead person's driver's license to cash 38 pension checks totaling $139,818 after that person died in 2007. Then, when the license expired, they renewed it and kept going.

There are only a couple things we can say about this.

1. Bad. Karma.

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2. Desperate measures for desperate times only gets you so far in life, even if you are creative about it. See also: Going to the bank does not mean the money is yours.

3. At least in these recent cases the check-cashers didn't actually bring the dead person with them to Pay-O-Matic. Or on vacation to the Virgin Islands. At least, not that we know about.

[via NBC NY]


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