New Yorkers to Live-Tweet Empire, the Eight-Hour Andy Warhol Movie

Tomorrow, the Museum of Modern Art, in association with WNYC, will screen


, Andy Warhol's 1964 continuous shot of the Empire State Building, which plays silently and slowed-down for more than eight hours. A few New York culture mavens, including the blog





ARTnews Magazine

, have vowed to use Twitter to chronicle the entire thing, along with help from the public under the #empirefilm hashtag. Maybe un-follow them all now?

The rest of the participants in this stamina exercise, which will be run like a relay race in one-hour increments, are listed here, and are probably already working to come up with back-up plans for what to tweet. (Start with Genesis 1 and go from there?) The action begins at 10:30 a.m. and will probably last until dinnertime.

If you don't plan on attending or reading, at least test yourself with the above six-minute clip and see if you can make it through. (Spoiler: You can't.)

[via BlackBook]


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