Notorious 5, My Bloody Valentine 3-D 1

The Notorious-related weekend violence seems to have held steady at four stabbed at a Brooklyn post-premiere party and one North Carolina shooting. (There was a fistfight at a Trumbull, Connecticut screening, but that hardly counts.) But we have a new, late entrant in the movie-audience violence sweepstakes: at a Valley Stream, Long Island theater showing My Bloody Valentine in 3-D a security guard argued with a patron who wanted to wait inside for his apres-cinema ride; it came to pushing and shoving, and the guard whipped out a knife and stabbed the patron. Like this weekend's other victims, the patron is expected to survive. As far as on-scene movie violence, Notorious and My Bloody Valentine in 3-D are tied at one victim apiece, though the off-site multiple stabbings give Notorious an edge on points. But we haven't got all the data back yet from Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

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