NSKYC Branches Out to Skies Beyond NYC

Last month we introduced you to Mike Bodge and his creation NSKYC, which shows the average color of the New York City sky every five minutes. He told us that he would "love to put a webcam in every major city across the world and kind of plot the colors of the sky across the world on a map." Well, he's now on his way. Bodge told us in an email conversation Wednesday that he will "hopefully" have cameras up and running in Washington D.C. and Berlin by Monday. So if you're looking for some weather schadenfreude, maybe pop over and gaze at the sky in those cites. The new city name will be tacked onto the end of the NSKYC URL. Inquiries about cameras have also come from people in myriad other distant locales ranging from Seattle to South Africa, but Bodge said that those never ended up coming to fruition. [ezwrites]

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