Nude Olympic Curling Calendar is the Logical End to Our Day

For those of you who think the ski outfits are too bulky and really miss women's floor exercises, here's a gratuitous Winter Olympics-nudity tie-in: the announcement of the fourth annual European Curling Federation Fire On Ice Women's Curling Nude Calendar. Yes, it features the ladies with the discs and the brooms, in various states of undress. Some of them apparently also work as models because you can't really make a living on curling, can you?

It would seem to be a pretty softcore offering, if these pictures from past calendars are any indication, and we despair of seeing any creative use of stones or brooms. But at least it's nude, right?

The thing is widely described as a "fundraiser," but the official site reveals the lamest such fundraising pitch ever: "The calendar is a fundraiser for women's curling teams, as the models receive a share of the proceeds!" Jeez, why don't you just say, "Our girls are so desperately poor they resort to homemade porn, and we're pimping them out!" You might double your audience.

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