Nude Singapore Couple Evade Execution, Pay Fine

Back in February we told you about a couple who strolled nude through a nightlife district in Singapore, when they fine you for everything and pornography is just a wistful rumor. AsiaOne tells us today that these free spirits were not, as we had feared, executed, but merely fined $2,000 apiece. It all started when Swedish tourist Jan Philip, 21, met local student Eng Kai Er, 24, and asked "if public nudity was acceptable in Singapore." Eng -- a member of MENSA, AsiaOne tells us -- said it was, and after a few beers they pulled their stunt. "A 43-year-old man walking his dog had alerted the police," says AsiaOne. Smart lawyering helped the pair evade the three-month sentence the law allows, though the National Science program, in which Eng is enrolled, is reviewing her scholarship.

Not much nudity here, we know. Oh look -- the Hipster Grifter got arrested! So this (NSFW) is newsworthy.

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