NYC Cyclist Ticketed For Riding on Sidewalk; Passerby Arrested For Cracking Joke

New York City's War on Bikes results in some collateral damage in this new clip shared by

NYC the Blog

, which shows a Brooklyn cyclist pulling up to a friend's apartment, but riding from the street onto the sidewalk as he approaches the building. Even those "few seconds" were illegal, especially in this

strict climate

for riders, so the NYPD pulls him over. As a few neighborhood guys walk by, they tease the cyclist about his silly crime. One police officer takes issue with the banter and that's when things get ridiculous. (



"Riding on the sidewalk, huh?" a guy walking by laughs. "You a grown man, you know that's against the law," adds another man. "Mind your own business," the cop shouts back, and the smart-ass makes his first mistake, countering with, "I wasn't even talking to you!" From there it's on, and pretty embarrassing for both sides, but mainly the professionals.

Friends of the ticketed cyclist are filming the entire thing from a balcony.

The rest really should be watched in the video above, but as the passerby becomes more flabbergasted at the aggressive attitude of the cop in sunglasses, it spirals into a full-blown situation in which five officers, flanked eventually by two cop cars and one NYPD van, arrest a guy for having a big mouth -- basically for being annoying -- and then getting outraged.

The scene gets more chaotic as other people from the neighborhood gather around and the man being arrested claims he's pushed by an officer.

According to the video description, the man was eventually charged with "harassment, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest." The guy who started the whole thing by riding on the sidewalk (for a split second, his friends claim) stands in one spot through the entire thing.

[h/t NYC the Blog]

UPDATE: NYC the Blog reported over the weekend that the YouTube user who videotaped the whole thing above came through with an update on Twitter about the man arrested in the clip. @JoshuaBamboo writes "just met with the family. He was finally released; charges weren't dropped." Apparently online outrage was not enough to right this ridiculousness (yet). He also added, "Meanwhile, if there are any lawyers interested in helping, please contact me. Thanks, everyone!"

[ / @joecoscarelli]

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