NYPD Officer Shoots Unarmed Motorist As Off-Duty Cop Supposedly Slept In The Backseat

An NYPD officer fatally shot an unarmed motorist in Queens this morning, as an off-duty cop supposedly slept in the backseat of the car driven by the now-deceased 22-year-old driver.

The unidentified motorist was pulled over about 5:15 a.m. today after he was seen weaving in and out of traffic on the Grand Central Parkway, near Exit 7 and LaGuardia Airport.

Once stopped, the officer asked the driver to show his hands. The driver, however, reached under the seat, which is when the officer fired a single shot into his stomach. The driver died about 30 minutes later. No weapon was found in the vehicle -- just a power drill.

Again, an off-duty officer was supposedly sleeping in the back seat of the car the entire time -- she claims she didn't witness the shooting.

Yes, it sounds a little odd to us, too.

If we were stopped by a cop and had a sleeping cop in the car with us, the first thing we're gonna do is wake her up to speak with the officer who's pulling us over -- hope that perhaps a little professional courtesy might lead to a warning rather than a ticket, or worse.

That, apparently, didn't happen.

We sent the NYPD an email asking for an explanation of how the sleeping officer managed to miss the entire shooting. We're yet to hear back.

The sleeping cop and another woman -- who was seated in the front seat at the time of the shooting -- told police the motorist picked them up at the Ice Lounge night club in Astoria.

The women in the front seat told authorities that the unidentified motorist told them he'd been drinking prior to picking them up.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing. Check back for updates.

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