Obama Tells Men's Health About Sneaking Smokes, Bowling

The new Men's Health has Obama on the cover, and asks him questions about his men's health, including his on-again off-again smoking habit. His answers are, as usual, impeccably politic but still fascinating. He says he was "never really a heavy smoker" -- can you relate? -- but during the campaign he sometimes "fell off the wagon and bummed one," and besides, "seeing as I'm running for president, I need to cut myself a little slack." It's a wonder Bloomberg even consented to take the guy's phone calls, but many New Yorkers probably want to vote for him twice now. Also, he works out six days a week: "I'll lift one day do cardio the next." Our identification turns to admiration! He says a lot of other adorable stuff, but then moves to remodeling the White House, "The bowling alley, I understand, offers us some potential for expansion." Oh, Barry, there goes Pennsylvania again! Better follow up with an interview in Guns & Ammo.

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