Oldtimer Recalls Prospect Park Zoo, 1965

Brooklyn nostalgists may enjoy the short essay, to which Prospect: A Year in the Park tips us, at story board Mr. Beller's Neighborhood, at which Kenneth P. Nolan recalls working the caf at the Prospect Park Zoo in 1965, with reminiscences like, "On breaks, Eddie Babicke would hang out in the yak cage and every Good Friday would refuse to talk to any customer between noon and 3pm." Nolan, a good Catholic boy, also remembers the neighborhood affair between "Bob and Anne," which he found "difficult to comprehend not only because these were the days before Woodstock and free love but because they were old and physically repulsive," and the kids' shoe salesman who liquored up their fathers. Maybe Nolan and Pete Hamill can get up a game of skelly sometime.

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