Only Reasonable Explanation for Blue Dot Sighted Over Brooklyn? UFO. Definitely UFO.

UFO! Or...something.
UFO! Or...something.

Queens Crap alerts us to this rather entertaining local newscast from Fox. It seems that Brooklyn man Phil DePaolo happened upon an intriguing, mysterious blue light in the sky above Williamsburg while walking his dog on Sunday night, and, of course, filmed it and put the clip on YouTube, because that is what people do! The most amusing part of this clip is Rosanna Scotto's suspicion that DePaolo had to have been drunk, showing her outright ignorance regarding the types of "lights in the sky" one sees while drinking.

DePaolo was not drunk, in fact, and had only had a bit of coffee, which means: UFO. Further proof: DePaolo says, "It was quite beautiful. That's why I was fascinated by it." THAT'S WHAT ALIENS DO, DEPAOLO!

See for yourself.

Anybody out there see this? Anybody out there...drinking?

Here's the original video

, just in case.

Ok, so what was hovering over Brooklyn this weekend? [Queens Crap]

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