Our Art Director John Dixon Is a Rugged Maniac

Rugged Maniacs mud race: Brooklyn, NY 2011 from Village Voice Media on Vimeo.

The Village Voice's art director John Dixon, who regularly kills it with his covers, is a man of many talents. The video above is of a 5K "adventure race and music festival" called

Rugged Maniac

that took place in Floyd Bennet Field on November 19, attracting 2,500 participants. Dixon (in the Styrofoam Viking helmet and pigtails) was part of a team called, appropriately or not, "the Village Idiots."

The race includes U.S. Marine-designed course obstacles including over/under barriers, a tire jungle, wood barricades, cargo rope climbs, and tunnel crawls, not to mention three shipping containers full of water that participants had to swim through and climb over. It was 45 degrees that day.

Holy crap, we are sort of afraid to go into his office now. (Go, Dixon!)

If this sort of thing entices you, sign up for the next race at RuggedManiac.com.

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll] Go to Runnin' Scared for all our latest news coverage.

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