Out 2 Weeks, Sheffield Goes in For Mets, Gets Reinjured, Leaves

We like to say that the Mets sure do keep things interesting, but now we're thinking "hilarious" is more the word. Today they won against the Cardinals, but lost two players to injuries. Pitcher John Niese collapsed during a warm-up pitch in the second inning, having apparently stressed his hamstring during a fielding play in the first. And veteran Gary Sheffield -- who had been out of action with hamstring trouble since July 17th, removed from the disabled list on Sunday, and still held back from starting for fear of aggravating his 40-year-old muscles -- left in the sixth inning due to "tightness" after rounding first. "The Mets made it all of an hour between injuries," marvels RotoTimes. On the bright side, the Mets got nine runs.

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