Someone steps into a confessional and anonymously whispers through a dark, cut-out screen to a figure unseen. "Bless me, Father, for I have . . . " This scenario has tremendous erotic tension and potential for me: It's an intimate moment when one bares one's secrets and soul. Confession implies the unveiling of naughty, covert, even criminal behavior; it has built-in I don't know if I should be telling you this but illicitness. Let's cut through all the guilt, shame, and repentance that Catholics heap onto the act of self-revelation (what a buzz kill!) and admit it: Confessions are hot.

The weblog (or blog) is the modern-day secular version of confession, broadcast to the masses. Written in free-form style, blogs are as prevalent on the Web as ads for penile enhancement. Blogging is hip; celebrities do it (, athletes do it (, and politicians do it ( So do civilians like Soulless (, Chickpea 981 (, and "Chubby Momma" Connie (

Blogs are the unpolished DIY zines of the online world, cut 'n' paste creations of journal entries, essays, poems, photos, and artwork. Like the rest of the Internet, lots of blogs have something to do with sex. Tell-all accounts of flirting and foreplay, graphic musings on the art of the blowjob, randy tales of unsafe sex—blogs cover all the bases. You can frolic with a self-proclaimed Vanilla Sex Goddess (, check in on a single guy looking for sex (, or get off on the Journals of a Pleasure Activist (

The diverse personalities and infectious tell-all quality of blogs are causing them to displace older, more traditional fantasy enhancers. In fact, sex blogs may be the new porn. Whether it's the "true" letters and stories in Penthouse Forum or the Screw My Wife Please! video series, the allure of the "real" has always been a strong niche in adult entertainment. Fans gobbled up amateur flicks and girl-next-door porn long before reality TV took over the airwaves and Bob the Bachelor made out with five girls in one night. Now, our voyeuristic tendencies and lust for authentic tits and ass are finding new outlets, as hordes of fans log on to read the continuing adventures of bloggers like Dirty Whore, "an ordinary woman who no one would suspect is really a filthy slut" ( or "two thoroughly debauched Manhattanites" ( We want the real deal, and with blogs we get to "know" the people, not just their parts.

Ironically, the blogs of porn stars like Jenna Jameson ( and Asia Carrera ( are often filled with the mundane tasks of the day rather than the prurient details one might hope for. One exception is veteran Nina Hartley, who documents some really hot escapades both on and off camera on her official site ( But most starlets veer toward cookie recipes and shopping trips and away from pile-driver position and muffdiving tips.

If you're looking for something far more explicit than most adult-film-star journals, check out blogs like Pussyranch (, where an articulate peep-show girl tells (and, yes, occasionally shows) all and Geekslut (, the tales of an oversexed bi guy, not to be confused with Nerdslut (, a blog that announces its interest in "promiscuity of the mind" (whatever that is). The antithesis of the slick, polished porno site with airbrushed photos and unbelievable scenarios ("The hunky UPS guy came to my door to deliver a package, and the next thing I knew, we were fucking!"), blogs make sex raw, complicated, and accessible. And when it comes to what happens between the sheets (or on roller coasters, as the case may be), they tell all: the first, the last, the best, and the worst.

What is so compelling about the erotic confession? Sex blogs give anyone with a computer and an ISP the chance to indulge in cyber exhibitionism, and since many don't use their real names—at least I'm pretty sure that Betty McBoobs and Kristi Kreme of Blogasm ( are pseudonyms—they can be as out there as they wanna be. They rant and ramble, network and hustle, analyze and explode; sometimes they even get sex and relationship advice from readers that kicks Dr. Phil's ass. Bloggees are treated to a peek inside someone's diary, where they can get to know each other in that unique cyber way. Bloggers get naked, both literally and figuratively, for an unseen viewer, and in the process, they may find friends, even lovers.

Bloggers often reference other blogs, raving about what someone else wrote, plugging a particularly good blogger p.o.v., linking to their favorites. Think is an insular "six degrees of separation" orgy? Take one look at, the veritable center of the blogging "community." It's a cyber clusterfuck.

I want blogs to be like my friends: opinionated, startlingly honest, passionate, and clever. One of my favorites is adult-industry PR maven Carly Milne's, which is filled with insider gossip, set visit reports, rants, and well-crafted reviews of all things relating to the world of porno (catch her astute write-up on the recent Naomi Wolf anti-porn essay in New York magazine). Pornblography captures what I appreciate most about blogs; they can be a great vehicle to find one's voice, to work out a unique take on something, and hone the craft of writing. Details about fornication are just icing on the cake for me. But since Milne doesn't always include personal details, I'm sure many wouldn't consider her a blogger's blogger.

Which is OK with me, since too many blogs border on or jump headlong into tedious navel gazing—does anyone really care how many stores you had to go to in order to find your favorite gum? Others sound salacious, then end up being boring. Some painfully remind me of that guy in class who always thought he had to comment on every topic, and that his long-winded tirades actually contributed something to the world. But with more and more adult sites charging customers to not just view photos but read stories, blogs are a friendly free-for-all. There's even a site ( that grabs the best content for you time-conscious blog readers (an oxymoron, I think, since one could spend 10 hours a day just reading this stuff).

Perhaps a blogger named Sam said it best when he titled his online diary ( "I Blog, Therefore I Am . . . " It seems his fellow bloggers have taken it one step further to "I Fuck, Therefore I Blog." That's an endless source of material to write about.

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