Perfect Worlds: Nature House

68 Gansevoort Street Former Industrial Loft
975 square feet

"My business is so much about human-made objects. When I go home, I surround myself with natural pieces that I find in the woods or water. When my friends travel, they bring me part of the landscape—salt from the Dead Sea, stones from Pompeii."
photo: Brian Kennedy

John Erik Karkula: Owner, Karkula

1 Orange felt Attolo sofa by Paola Lenti, Karkula, 68 Gansevoort Street. ("It comes without legs. That's the way she likes it.")

2 Tumbleweed, New Mexico

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3 Driftwood from Costa Rica, rock from Sardinia, coral from Hawaii

4 White ceramic table, Karkula

5 Dama felt rug by Paola Lenti, Karkula

6 Genizaro wood chairs by Gabriella Valenzuela, Costa Rica

7 12-foot bamboo tree, flower district in Chelsea

8 Milk glass table with steel base by Karkula

9 Black rotary phone, flea market

10 The Chasm Chair, polyethylene, by NiceHouse, Scotland

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