Post Aroused By Yankee Win, Levi's Johnston, "Horse & Buggery"

We certainly don't want to rain on our own Crazy Yankee Chick's parade, but we have to note how aroused the Yankees have gotten the New York Post. You have to scroll past bunting banners and pinstripe wallpaper to get to any non-Yankees news there today... but first, some Yankees news:

Manager Joe Girardi stopped to help a woman whose car has smashed into a wall after winning the Series. Beware, "there have been reports in the past of fraudulent offers for tickets to the parade." A scalper was arrested before Game 2 and tried to buy his way out with fake tickets.

At least he didn't offer the cops sexual favors. Speaking of which, once you get past the Yankee hagiography, the rest of the news in the Post is even pulpier than usual...

There's a big hang-up about that cabbie with the gay passengers who, the Post says, "was terrified they were about to do the dirty deed right in the back seat." Page Six worries with Levi Johnston "about how his manhood may look" now that Playgirl wants to shoot on location at "a chilly ice rink." (He certainly won't be as hung like the victim in the "horse-&-buggery" story.)

Something weird is happening with the Post's sex coverage. They usually keep sex simple, and focus on the "tit" into "titillating." The new emphasis on famous penises, equine intercourse and gay cab sex strays from their normal vanilla voyeurism.

Maybe this, too, is related to the Yankees? Maybe their homoerotic Yankee worship is finally getting the better of them. Or maybe they just want to give readers good leads for their comments sections.

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