Post's Peyser Goes Pro-Gestapo in Park Smoking Ban Column

Is the Post's Andrea Peyser pro-Gestapo or anti-Gestapo, or does she just "milk" the word like a newborn infant?

A couple of years ago, Peyser was definitely anti-Gestapo. In a prequel to the Post's recent War Against Nudity, Peyser lashed out against the "Breast Feed Gestapo's" infamous "Milk Bilk."

But though she resented the city's "Gestapo" tactic of banning free formula as a goody-bag take away for new moms at hospitals, she apparently doesn't mind "Gestapo" tactics if they'll to protect her friend from second hand smoke in the same park...

Of the proposed smoking ban in New York City Parks, Peyser writes, "For the second time this decade, the city's health Gestapo has come up with a mighty fine idea." Peyser's punchline?" There is none. She is definitely now Pro-Gestapo!

What about the 2003 bar smoking ban? Does Peyser proclaim a Pall-Mall Putsch? Hardly. "As we learned six years ago, it can be done, and beautifully." To those who equate smoking with American freedom, Peyser offers them a one-way ticket to the East. "If one wants to smoke, there are places to freely enjoy that activity. Like China."

What happened to make her diss Gestapo tactics in matters of breast, and praise them in matters of lung? Belittling Bloomberg's Times Square mall earlier this year, Peyser may have shown her hand: She lamented how smokers "stunk up the atmosphere with fumes from their Rothmans and Marlboros -- a kick in the pants to a mayor who has practically turned smokers into outlaws."

Maybe the admitted ex-smoker just doesn't want to be tempted. Maybe she now views smoking as un-American. ("I spied a group of fit, tanned men smoking up a lung, and immediately determined they were from Europe.")

Or maybe the left breast just doesn't know what the right one is doing.

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