Prospect Park Goose Dislodges Arrow From Neck All By Himself

It is a simple truth of the human condition that there are some things we will never know. How did Sticky the Prospect Park goose end up with an arrow sticking through his neck? Why did he evade all attempts to capture him and remove the arrow? And now, how in the hell did he get the arrow out of his neck all by his goosely lonesome? Also, do animals talk?

Per the New York Times City Room Blog, Sticky was sighted on Saturday with two wound holes, no arrow. He allowed himself to be captured, and wildlife watchers Anne-Katrin Titze and Ed Bahlman found his wounds "clearly already healing."

As the Times puts it succinctly,

The arrow has not been recovered. The mystery abides.

Good for you, Sticky. Next up: New York City rats learn how to deflect bullets.


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