Queens Lawyer Jason Bohn Hit With First-Degree Murder Charge In Death Of Girlfriend; Prior Beatings Led To Escalated Charge

If the allegations are true, Astoria law grad Jason Bohn is a pretty big creep -- in addition to allegedly murdering his 27-year-old girlfriend, he's also got a history of beating the crap out of her, which is why a grand jury added a first-degree murder charge to the the second-degree murder charge on which he initially was arrested.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown cites subparagraph 10 of Penal Law 125.27, which states that "the defendant acted in an especially cruel and wanton manner pursuant to a course of conduct intended to inflict and inflicting torture upon the victim prior to the victim's death" as the reason for the escalated charge.

According to authorities, on June 26, Bohn -- a 33-year-old graduate of Florida Law School -- called police and directed them to the Astoria apartment he shared with his girlfriend, 27-year-old Danielle Thomas. He told police a woman was unconscious inside.  

When he called police, Bohn told authorities he was "out of the area."

When police got to the apartment, they found Thomas' body laying face-up in the bathtub. Her body was surrounded by bags of ice and she had bruising to her forehead, face, shoulders, chest and neck. The medical examiner later determined that Thomas suffered broken cartilage in her neck, neck compressions, several fractures to the front, back and sides of her rib cage and a lacerated liver. Her cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma to the neck and torso.

Along with the body, police also found in the apartment two handwritten notes -- the first note said, "in substance," that "It was an accident, it was an accident, it was an accident . . . I had been drinking and I was drunk when I got home . . . She was already asleep . . . I woke up and there was fighting between us . . . When I woke up again she was unconscious . . . I am sorry." The second note said, "Dani, I will love you forever."

Obviously, given the notes, authorities believe Bohn is responsible for killing Thomas. Another incident that happened early last month certainly adds to their suspicion.

On June 7, Thomas went to the NYPD's 114th Precint to report that Bohn punched her in the face a few weeks earlier. She told police she suffered two black eyes, and the blow sent her falling to the ground -- she said the fall caused injuries to her knee, which forced her to need crutches to walk.

Additionally, Bohn was allegedly sending her threatening text messages, and even called her at the police station as she was reporting the alleged beating.

During the call at the police station, Thomas put the phone on speaker and let the cops listen to Bohn's rant, which included him telling her that "this was war," that he would "hunt her down like a dog in the streets," and that he would "bash in her skull."

Bohn was arrested that day and charged with assault and aggravated harassment. He was arraigned on the charges and released on his own recognizance. Thomas was granted an order of protection that stated, among other things, that Bohn was to refrain from assaulting or harassing her.

That, apparently, didn't happen -- about a month later, Bohn allegedly beat her again, this time killing her.

After the alleged beating, Bohn went on the lam for about four days until finally turning himself into police on June 29. When he turned himself in, the tough guy was accompanied by his mommy.

Following Bohn's arrest, Brown's office said that "Ms. Thomas was a young woman with a bright and promising future whose life was brutally and senselessly cut short allegedly at the hands of the defendant. This case will be vigorously prosecuted to ensure that justice is served for the victim, her family and other victims of domestic violence."

In all, Bohn's been indicted on one count of first-degree murder, one count of second-degree murder, one count of first-degree strangulation, one count of aggravated criminal contempt, one count of tampering with physical evidence, one count of first-degree criminal contempt, one count of third-degree assault and three counts of second-degree aggravated harassment.

If convicted, Bohn faces up to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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