Queens Man Accused Of Going On Meth-Fueled Burglary Spree -- And He Brought His 3-Year-Old Along For The Ride

Not a good idea if you smoke meth and your job is burglarizing houses.
Not a good idea if you smoke meth and your job is burglarizing houses.

Apparently somebody couldn't find a sitter...

A Queens man was arrested early Tuesday morning after he allegedly went on a crystal meth-fueled burglary spree. Like any good parent, he brought his 3-year-old daughter along for what essentially boils down to an (alleged) criminal's version of "bring your child to work day."

According to the Queens District Attorney's Office, 34-year-old Michael Natindim and his partner in (alleged) crime, 22-year-old Edgar Mortel, were observed by officers in the NYPD's Burglary Larceny Apprehension and Surveillance Team (BLAST) as they drove around Queens in a Lincoln Navigator early Tuesday morning.

Officers watched as the two men made three stops at various residences in Elmhurst, Little Neck and Flushing. During each stop, Natindim would exit the vehicle and walk into a fenced-in area of the home before returning to the vehicle a short time later and driving away.

About 1:30 p.m., the two men were seen parked in front of DR PC, an electronics and repair business located on 43rd Avenue in Woodside. The two men were seen walking into the store carrying several items, and police say they overheard Natindim repeatedly ask a store employee "How much can you give me on the black market?"

That's when the cops sprung their trap -- they took the two men into custody and recovered several (allegedly) stolen items, including an ASUS laptop, an Apple external CD drive, an Apple iPhone and a watch.

Once in custody, Natindim told the cops that there was a kid in the car he'd been driving. Officers checked the vehicle and found his 3-year-old daughter.

After finding the girl in the car, police say Natindim "appeared pale and disheveled with watery, bloodshot eyes, his speech was incoherent and he was swaying," according to charging documents. At one point, he fell asleep while getting transported by police from the electronics store to the police precinct.

Natindim had an explanation for his condition, though: he smoked meth earlier in the day (and then drove around Queens stealing shit with his 3-year-old in the car).

In addition to the electronics, police found what they believe to be meth rocks and a pipe in Natindim's vehicle. A search of his home turned up more meth, a stolen credit card, and two blow torches.

In addition to the three burglaries on Tuesday, Natindim and Mortel have been charged in connection with four burglaries that occurred in Kew Gardens Hills, Fresh Meadows, and Flushing, between June 22 and June 25 -- some of the property recovered at Natindim's home and in his vehicle has been identified by the complainants in those burglaries.

"These are disturbing allegations," Queens District Attorney Richard Brown says. "Burglary is a serious crime in and of itself. It is unthinkable that a father would put his innocent child in harm's way while allegedly driving under the influence of drugs and casing potential burglary targets."

Natindim and Mortel each have been charged with various counts of second-degree burglary, fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, possession of burglar's tools, seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, endangering the welfare of a child, and third-degree criminal trespass. Natindim is additionally charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He was ordered held on $40,000 bail, while Mortel is currently held on $15,000 bail.

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