Quick Hits

Quick Hits

From the White House Flickr stream. Thanks, Camille!

Oh crap: Sarah Palin has a Twitter feed.

Couple caught having sex on lawn of Windsor Castle. It is not known whether the Queen was in residence. "It was going on for about 10 or 15 minutes," says a witness, "which is quite a long time, considering the location."

Meanwhile in Kenya, women are on a sex strike to protest government policies. Prime Minister Raila Odinga's wife, Ida, is in. "If some women have decided," she says, "we have all decided."

Ugh, really, guy, put it back in.

Bitter and clinging to their paintguns, some yahoos in Pennsylvania are going to recreate the Normandy invasion with paintball.

We've been sparse on the Your Daily Nude front. This'll make up for it: Naked Asanas!

To close the afternoon's festivities, here is the Dr. Rockzo video. He's a rock and roll clown, and he loves cocaine.

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