Quick Hits

Quick Hits

We noticed freenapkin.com; now here's the Craigslist freebie Twitter feed, Free_NewYork. There you can get a free four-person hot tub -- but "please take it only if you need it."

Since Paterson's "hiring freeze," Albany's payroll gained more than 8,000 salaries, says the Buffalo News.

BuffNews also says upstate party enrollment is going Democratic for the first time in living memory.

Interview with Superbad and Adventureland director Greg Mottola at Sound in the City.

Mayoral candidate Reverend Billy's out campaigning among the shopkeepers of the East Village.

Want to see faces electrically stimulated in time to music? Here ya go.

Submit yourself to Esquire's Best Dressed Real Man competition! But we warn you: our money's on this guy.

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