Quotes of the Week

"Jerry Brown's career serves as a four-decade testament to the idea that politics is a means to a means. "

-- Steve Kornacki, "Moonbeam's Final Adventure."

"If the governor had any class, he'd invite us all to the mansion for a barbecue. Failing that, I'm going to the laundromat,"

-- Republican state senator Jim Alesi on being forced to stay in Albany all weekend (h/t Liz Benjamin).

"When the nation needs something done, it puts a soldier on the ground, and he says, 'If you don't do this, I will kill you.'"

-- LTC Vosler to Josh Treviño, from Treviño's compilation of Army quotes.

"There's No Furries In Baseball"

-- Joe My God's headline for that Mets-Anthrocon story.

"There were so many bleeps, it sounded like Morse Code."

-- DJ Crystal Clear on 'Lil Wayne's performance at the BET Awards.

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