Rabbi Cross-Examines Daughter Who Says He Molested Her

Oy: Satmar Rabbi Israel Weingarten, who has been accused by his now-adult daughter of molesting her between the ages of 9 and 16 (disgusting indictment particulars here), is representing himself in his trial and spent much of yesterday afternoon cross-examining his understandably horrified daughter. "His questions meandered," reports Newday, "and he often interrupted his daughter's answers by scolding her." Among other things, he accused her of falling for a married neighbor -- "Didn't you feel that was wrong?" he asked her. Weingarten was arrested last year on charges of going outside the country to have sex with a minor; according to an earlier report, "the prosecution's court papers accused Weingarten of trying to kidnap the victim in England and assaulting a rabbi and his wife, who were protecting her." Weingarten picks up his cross-examination tomorrow. No breakfast for us, thanks. Photo (cc) diacritical.

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