"Real World: Brooklyn" Kids Plead For Your Love

"Real World: Brooklyn" Kids Plead For Your Love

The kids from "Fame" "Rent" "Real World: Brooklyn" are on some sort of charm offensive: yesterday amNY ran profiles of the roommates whose Red Hook antics will captivate the MTV demographic of stoned pre-teens starting January 7. Though one of the kids challenged a surly hipster in a bar with "You don't know who I am," they sound all too familiar; there's the flake, the healer, the Iraq vet who writes songs, etc. Representative quotes: "Going out every night to have sex, get drunk and do drugs is 'B.S.'"; "Sarah's passion is helping victims of sexual abuse through art therapy"; "I didn't want to come in with this chip on my shoulder, like, 'I'm Katelyn, the transsexual.'"

Today the Daily News gets in on the act. Some of the roomies "didn't seem to really soak up the local atmosphere," they report; you might expect it was because they were followed everywhere by camera crews and production assistants, but Devyn says it was because Red Hook is "so far away" from the rad places they wanted to go, and "not the safest neighborhood." Scott, however, enjoyed Ikea "and a tanning salon in Park Slope." And Katelyn "'fell in love' with Brooklyn -- and proved it" by going to the Hope & Anchor, which is like proving your love for San Francisco by eating at Garibaldi's. She did shop at Fairway, too, but leave it to the trannie to be wildly adventuresome.

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