Recession "Deals" on Summer Rentals Still Pretty Ridiculous

We sometimes wonder if we even belong to a demographic anymore. New York magazine urges you to "Rent Now!" what they describe as "incredible last-minute deals" on summer rentals. Then they slideshow these recession-era bargains for smart shoppers, like a four-bedroom East Hampton house that was $45,000 for the season and is now $25,000. Or you could stay on Keuka Lake for $1,500 a week. And hey, you can do well in Nantucket too, which "Offers Recession Prices as Summer Renters Stay Home" -- for instance, "Properties that used to fetch $10,000 a week may go for $9,000 or even $8,000." Things are a little easier at the Jersey Shore: "You can rent a nice house for $2,000 or $3,000 a week and you can bring 10 people," says one realtor. "Do the math -- $300 per person." A week with nine of our closest friends! Sounds fun. We retreat to our previous plan of sleeping under the stars by sticking our head out the bedroom window.

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