Rep. Peter King Was Mailed a Bloody Pig's Foot

Long Island Republican Peter King, the congressman behind the disgraceful hearings on the threat of Islamic "radicalization" and a one-time passionate supporter of the I.R.A., was sent a bloody pig's foot in the mail, according to a "Capitol Hill source," NBC is reporting this evening. The package was scanned and intercepted before reaching King's office, and "police are treating this incident as an 'open investigation.'" Unfortunately, the nasty, pointed gift came with "a note attached that contained anti-Semitic ramblings," ruining a perfectly good, albeit probably illegal, prank. The best commenter on the story seems unconcerned: "When I was a kid, I could eat the hell out of pickled pigs feet. Hated pickled beets, though. Hated 'em bad." [MSNBC]

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