Rich Lady Goes Batshit, Busts Up Hamptons Restaurant With Her Shoes

There is a serious wave of crazy out there, people. Let's call it late August and hope it ends (or hope it doesn't, depending on where on the side of this blog you sit) soon. In the meantime, here's the latest example of What Not to Do: The Entitled Rich Person Edition. Amy Paul, 57, of Rye, New York, showed up late for her reservation at East Hampton restaurant The Palm on Saturday night. She also brought four extra people with her, because, you know, you should have an entourage when you're about to go batshit.

When told she had to wait for a table to be set up, she "became irate and ripped pages out of the reservation book and then removed her shoes (heels) and went outside and began breaking the landscape lighting with her shoes until family/party members stopped her and removed her from the property."

Well, if she wasn't drunk then, we hope she is now. Cops are reportedly hot on her trail while, probably, trying to stay the hell out of her way.

Somehow, we were reminded of this, for no other reason than a shoes-as-weapons motif:

[via New York Post]


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