Rich People Have to Golf Instead of Ski Because of the Warm Weather

Rich People Have to Golf Instead of Ski Because of the Warm Weather

What's worse than white people problems (besides real ones)?

Rich people problems, of course!

InvestmentNews has a Bloomberg article detailing the travails of Winthrop Smith Jr. (his real name), a onetime Merrill Lynch & Co. exec who now owns the Warren, Vermont-based Sugarbush Resort.

Smith tells reporters that unseasonably warm weather has dealt a blow to the resort, as 15 percent fewer skiers have visited the resort compared to 2011.

"It's very much like my old world," Smith says. "You can't control the market; you can't control the weather. So you just have to learn how to manage the different environments."

Don't cue the violin quite yet -- the well off will still have sporty ways to unwind.

Golf managers, in the true spirit of American capitalism, have taken advantage of semi-sunny skies to lure bored rich people to the green -- especially in the Northeast.

A semi-private golf club in New Jersey, for example, sold 1000 rounds in January. On a particularly balmy, 60-degree Saturday, over 190 golfers took to the greens -- which would be high for the summer -- reports indicate.

Good to know that there are still a few places where people can spend their significant expendable incomes without having to worry about all that climate change stuff.

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