Rubén Díaz Jr. Re-Elected Borough President in the Bronx

Incumbent Democrat Rubén Díaz Jr. was re-elected borough president of the Bronx in a landslide. Díaz was not always running for re-election; he ditched his bid for public advocate and instead refocused his efforts on the borough presidency in November 2012.

There weren't any races that were that hotly contested in the Bronx. It's a clean sweep for the Democrats, incumbents and challengers alike. Here's a roundup of all the races in the borough.

Borough President -- 48 percent of precincts reporting WINNER: Ruben Díaz Jr., Democratic Party, Working Families Party: 88.2 percent (51,585 votes) Elizabeth Perri, Republican Party, Conservative Party: 9 percent (5,261 votes) Mark Escoffery-Bey, Independence Party, War Veterans Party: 1.6 percent (937 votes) Carl Lawrence Lundgren, Green Party: 1.2 percent (692 votes)

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City Councilmember, 11th District WINNER: Andrew Cohen, Democratic Party, Working Families Party Patricia Brink, Republican Party William Kalaidjian, Conservative Party John H. Reynolds, Green Party Cheryl Keeling, School Choice Party

City Councilmember, 12th District WINNER: Andy L. King, Democratic Party, Working Families Party Robert Diamond, Republican Party, Conservative Party Trevor Archer, Green Party

City Councilmember, 13th District WINNER: James Vacca, Democratic Party William E. Britt, Jr., Republican Party, Conservative Party

City Councilmember, 14th District WINNER: Fernando Cabrera, Democratic Party, Working Families Party Denise Butler, Republican Party Alan H. Reed, Conservative Party

City Councilmember, 15th District WINNER: Ritchie Torres, Democratic Party, Working Families Party Joel Ray Rivera, Republican Party Joel Bauza, Conservative Party

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City Councilmember, 16th District WINNER: Vanessa L. Gibson, Democratic Party Benjamin Eggleston, Republican Party, Conservative Party Carlos M. Sierra, Independence Party Walter L. Newsome, Jobs and Education Party

City Councilmember, 17th District WINNER: Maria del Carmen Arroyo, Democratic Party Jose A. Colon, Republican Party Selsia Evans, Conservative Party

City Councilmember, 18th District WINNER: Annabel Palma, Democratic Party, Working Families Party Lamont L. Paul, Republican Party Eduardo Ramirez, Conservative Party Walter Nestler, Green Party, Progressive Party William Russell Moore, Jobs and Education Party

Supreme Court, 12th District Laura G. Douglas Kevin P. Kuehner Julia I. Rodriguez Norma Ruiz Larry S. Schachner Robert. D. Siano John H. Wilson

New York City Civil Court, Bronx County Paul L. Alpert Harry Hertzberg

New York City Civil Court, First District Armando Montano Lucianna Locorotondo

New York City Civil Court, Second District WINNER: Kim A. Wilson

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