Ruben Diaz Jr., Under Union Pressure, Moves Black History Event

Score one for the unions. A public event celebrating Black History Month was supposed to be held at the Bronx Museum of the Arts this evening. But the UAW Local 2110, which organizes local museum workers, went out of contract with the Bronx Museum last summer, and claims management is trying the break the union, "violating the basic civil rights of its own workers," etc.

Local 2110 planned a rally to protest the Black History Month observance, which Bronx borough president Ruben Diaz Jr. was scheduled to attend. But they've called their rally off because Diaz refused to cross the picket line, his office confirms.

Diaz has arranged for the event to be held instead at the Andrew Freedman Home at 166th Street and the Grand Concourse. Local 2110 is asking its membership to send Diaz thank-you notes.

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