Sandy Just Got Legal: NYAG Eric Schneiderman Subpoenas LIPA, ConEd & Others

The New York Attorney General is keen on his enforceable subpoena powers; we've talked about his dealings with JP Morgan Chase and the private equity firms before. So It seems like the only thing this Hurricane aftermath is missing is a Schneiderman subpoena. Not sure if that expectation is a good thing or not.

Yesterday, the Voice received word from Schneiderman's office that the AG was going after energy companies - 13 in total - for price gouging, in which companies like ConEdison and LIPA raised prices on essential services when demands were high. This might be a legal reflection of Cuomo's recent rough relationship with the utility companies for their accused inaction and lack of customer care during the storm. According to the release, Schneiderman received hundreds of complaints from businesses who believe they got ripped off by these energy companies.

And it's only the beginning: "These are the first of what is expected to be a series of actions taken in a wide-ranging investigation launched in the wake of Hurricane Sandy for price gouging after receiving hundreds of complaints from consumers across the state of New York," the Attorney General stated.

Looks like the storm profiteers are in it for the long haul.

"Today's actions are based upon a review of both consumer complaints and independent pricing information," he continued. According to the release, the thirteen lined out are the worst of the bunch, charging higher prices than the rest. Here's the list of those included:

Nassau County

  • Shell
            3709 Crompond Road

            Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567
            Consumer compliant $5.00


  • Shell
            408 Rockaway Turnpike
            Cedarhurst, NY 11516

            Consumer complaint 5.00+

Suffolk County

  • Babylon Gas Station/Express Mart
            1000 Route 109
            Lindenhurst, NY 11757

            Consumer complaint $4.99


  • USA Petroleum
            East Islip, NY
            11730, NY
            Consumer complaint $5.50+


  • USA Petroleum
            2664 Route 112
            Medford, NY 11763

            Consumer complaint 5.50+

Westchester County

  • Mobil
            174 Westchester Avenue
            White Plains, NY

            Consumer complaint $5.05


  • Mobil
            Hutchinson River Parkway
            White Plains, NY
            Consumer complaint $5.03



  • Sonomax
            278 Greenpoint Ave

            Brooklyn, NY
            Consumer complaint $4.74



  • Mobil
            4040 Crescent St
            Long Island City ,NY

            Consumer complaint $4.89


  • Shell
            Northern Heights Service
            7018 Northern Blvd
            Jackson Heights, NY
            Consumer complaint $5.50


  • Delta
            1309 14
th Avenue
            College Point, NY

            Consumer compliant $5.00


  • Getty
            600 Pelham Parkway
            Bronx, NY

            Consumer complaint $5.39


  • Mobil
            688 E. Gun Hill Road
            Bronx, NY
            Consumer complaint $4.89

Read the full press release here.

As the subpoenas continue, stay tuned to the Voice for all the updates on the free-wheeling AG.


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