Sanford Lover Gives Statement, Escapes Media

Maria Belen Chapur, aka Maria Belen Shapur, paramour of Governor Mark Sanford, issued a statement that was read on the C5n network out of Buenos Aires by anchorman Eduardo Feinman. The statement, denouncing the leak of emails between her and Sanford as an "evil act that was directed at me but also destroyed the lives of so many others," and proclaiming that "I won't speak about my private life as it just belongs to me." Reporters have swarmed her neighborhood looking for her, but have come up empty; apparently nobody has found any more recent pictures than this screencap from 2001, either. Good for her.

Meanwhile AP asks, "Does 'love factor' make SC gov more sympathetic?" Well, Clinton was the last politician to get a ratings boost out of an affair; Hyde, Livingstone, Craig, Spitzer, McGreevey, Edwards -- none of them seem to have turned things around (though Spitzer has been working at it). It's hard to imagine the deeply peculiar Sanford breaking the streak.

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