Scientology Loves Making Fun of Itself, Apparently

Last week, we posted a Scientology video made by some humble folks at the church's Phoenix "org" who were asking their fellow Scientologists for help raising money to build a new facility.

It was hard not to chuckle at the faux excitement put on by the Scientologists, who were just trying their best to pry money out of other followers.

It was one thing for those of us outside Scientology to laugh at their efforts. But how about a 15 minute video of Scientology's leader and his audience having a laugh at the fundraising efforts of their own fellow parishioners? Watch the above video and marvel.

The video appeared on Marty Rathbun's blog today under Mike Rinder's name, where the former high-level Scientology executive posted it as an example of the decline of the church. The narrator of the film, Scientology ultimate leader David Miscavige, appears to be giving the opposite impression -- that fundraising efforts in Europe to construct new "Ideal Orgs" are on fire.

Upcoming Events

But we're really having a hard time understanding why Miscavige is poking such fun at the goofy skits and musical acts at these fundraising events.

I mean, I thought that was our job!

As I mentioned earlier, I'm on the road and can't really dive into more about this. But I'm sure our commenters can help us interpret further the strange way Miscavige presented this seemingly good news! | @VoiceTonyO

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Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. Among his other stories about L. Ron Hubbard's organization:

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