Scientology's "Lunacy" Leads to Attack on Paul Haggis's Oscar Win, Humanitarianism

We noted last week how insane was the attack by Scientology's propaganda organ, Freedom magazine, in its parody of issue of The New Yorker and writer Lawrence Wright. We also pointed out how, in a related video, Scientology's slander-mongers took their best shot at director Paul Haggis, subject of Wright's epic 24,000-word article, which described Haggis's disaffection with Scientology and his high-profile defection in 2009.

Earlier this evening, screenwriter Skip Press offered his own thoughts about Haggis's career and the stupidity of Scientology's attack. It's a fascinating read, and contains several key nuggets of pure gold.

Press describes how he and Haggis, in the late 1970s, were part of a Scientology writers' group. Press says he watched as his talented friend paid his dues, writing for shows like Welcome Back, Kotter and The Facts of Life -- a path Press himself was wary of.

But eventually, Haggis's hard work in the trenches paid off as he began to write award-winning movies like Million-Dollar Baby and Crash.

"It was astonishing - the aspiring screenwriter I'd once been asked to help was completely at the top of the game," Press writes.

By then, Press himself was out of Scientology, and he admits that while he was thrilled for the success of his old friend, he was also concerned that Scientology would try to make hay from Haggis's success.

I knew Scientology would use his Oscar win to tout the glories of Hubbard thought. The only other person who had ever won an Oscar while in Scientology was Bert Salzman for the short Angel and Big Joe in 1975.

But he points out that Scientology never got that chance -- just as Haggis was winning his big awards, he was becoming disillusioned with Scientology.

And, when Haggis spilled his guts to Wright for the New Yorker article, Press says he knew what would happen: Scientology would go on the attack...

I would have been amazed that they tried to denigrate his Best Picture Oscar win, or his amazing track record in Hollywood, even the fact that he's been spending a lot of time and money building a hospital in Haiti lately but then, I know Scientology all too well -- they're capable of any lunacy.

What Scientology didn't point out, Press says, was Haggis's long track record of humanitarianism, including his contributions to help build a hospital and cholera clinic in Haiti and a free high school there. Instead, the Freedom attack included making it sound like some critical whining over Haggis's Crash Best Picture somehow invalidated everything the writer and director has ever done.

As Scientology did its best to degrade Haggis' career, citing the disappointing box office of his latest movie, they failed to note how the rest of the world views Paul Haggis. For example, he's to receive the Golden Eye Award, a lifetime achievement honor, from the Zurich Film Festival, which will also present a retrospective of Haggis' career as a director and screenwriter, screening several of his films.

Press's article has many more details about his background with Haggis, and it's a fine read. Please go look at the entire article.

Last week, as the inane horror of the Freedom propaganda was being digested by various media outlets, we noticed quite a few 'net pundits predicting that Scientology had made a huge mistake denigrating a director of Haggis's stature with its slimy attacks -- and that Hollywood, which has for so long put up with Scientology and its celebrities, might finally begin to reconsider its relationship with such a vindictive organization. Press's broadside might be a first salvo in that battle.

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