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LOS ANGELES—"If you're going to swallow, just swallow it. Don't do that thing where you practically gargle it, get it all foamy in your mouth, and then half-spit it out to show the camera. This isn't Cum Guzzling Sluts—it's educational!" That's the piece of direction I give to performer Kaiya Lynn on the set of my new fellatio sex-ed movie, The Expert Guide to Oral Sex, Part 2: Fellatio. Not that I have witnessed Kaiya do what I call the "rabies mouth" routine, but I have seen dozens of other starlets enact what has become a staple of oral-themed pornos. While this movie may be all blowjobs all the time, I don't need to see visual proof of the orgasm. "Of course!" she responds, her brown bangs slightly tussled on her forehead, her face an inch away from her co-star's stiff cock. Who knew that making a how-to-give-head movie would be so . . . hard?

It's hard because I am using adult-film performers, and I'm fighting against the way they've been schooled to give and get blowjobs for other movies by other directors. It's hard because I want to show a variety of oral skills and styles that will both teach and inspire viewers. It's hard because the blowjob is already fraught with so much cultural iconography. It's hard because . . . maybe I'm overthinking this a little.

I didn't feel like I could do a BJ movie without showing the breadth and depth of the subject, but I keep reminding myself that the video is aimed at couples. I think there is this stereotype that couples—which is often just code for women—want to see soft, sensual, loving sex. While most women do not want to see other chicks getting their heads shoved in toilet bowls as they're being sodomized, not all women want lovey-dovey fucking. Sometimes blowjobs are sweet and intimate, other times they're rough and raunchy. I wanted to cover deep-throating, but didn't want women to feel lame because they couldn't or wouldn't perform the act. I also didn't want to leave out face-fucking (talk about an activity desperately in need of a brand makeover), but how do I portray something that's been used to demean women in traditional porn? For some people, there is a clear dominant/submissive component to sucking dick. I filmed a scene where that power dynamic is portrayed, and I said to the actors, "So it's like, 'Get on your knees' and 'I am your total cock whore'—but, for couples!" That made everyone laugh.

"Adrianna, I want you to demonstrate that position where you lay back on the bed with your head tilted off the edge, and he stands and leans over you," I say to the blond starlet. Adrianna is my go-to girl for swallowing 13 inches with ease (she claims she merely "has a big mouth"). "Try to show me a natural progression of taking more of his cock each time. Don't gobble it up on the first try." She paces herself like the consummate professional she is, but all of sudden she's gone from laying back to doing a handstand off the bed. With the cock in her mouth. I think: Can 'handstand' be a position among the others demonstrated in the movie?

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The day after Kaiya swallowed, we're at a house in Woodland Hills filming a scene between Lindsey and Marcos. About halfway through, Marcos feels like he's going to come, but we have more to shoot, so we take a break. I ask him how he's doing, other than being overstimulated, and he tells me, "I'm not used to a scene being so focused on me. Usually it's the opposite, like I am not even there." And he's right: When you look at gonzo and all-sex porn, the guy is literally cut out of the frame. You usually just see his dick, waist, and hips. Marcos feels self-conscious that so much of the attention is on him—how he responds to what Lindsey is doing, what he likes, and his facial expressions. And not just his face—at one point, as she hums to create vibrations against his dick, his toes curl with pleasure. When was the last time you saw that in a triple-X movie?

We resume filming and, when it's time for him to finally come, we stop and chat. I want to know what Lindsey's preference is. She says she'd like him to come in her mouth, but she doesn't swallow, so she'd want to spit it out. I'm not sure we can make the spitting look good. He's lying back and she's between his legs, so I suggest, "Why doesn't he come and you can just let it drip out of your mouth and down his cock?" After all, I know from experience that male porn stars don't produce copious amounts of come unless they haven't orgasmed in a few days. Marcos worked the day before and is not known for gigantic money shots (like some guys are, no matter how much they work), so I am confident that it will be a small amount, it will drip down sexily, and then we can all go home.

I am a few feet away from them, looking at the monitor so I can see the camera angle. It's clear he's about to come, and he touches Lindsey to give her a cue. Then all of a sudden it's like an insane explosion. He comes so much that it's literally shooting out the sides of Lindsey's mouth. I imagine what must be going through her head ("How will I get this to gently slide down his cock?"), since it's obviously too much for her to contain. And this is not a moment when I can yell, "Cut! Let's do that over again." This is not something we can easily re-take, and it's not something you fake either. So this is it, my come shot, and it's like an explosion of creamy ooze, and poor Lindsey is trying to not choke on it. My assistant director's eyes are popping out of his head. The camera pans away from the couple, and I finally yell, "Cut!"

The crew erupts in gasps and exclamations—the ones we were all holding in while we were still rolling. "Wow!" is all I can say, and Lindsey says, "I tried the best I could, but it was unexpectedly huge." I tell her she did fine, and Marcos sits up, totally unaware of what just went on. I tell him his load was huge. He says, "Really?", then looks down at his dick and his stomach. He cocks his head like a puppy that just heard an odd sound. His reaction is the opposite of macho boasting; he seems more in awe of the puddle of his own making. It's endearing that he is so not your typical guy—which is perfect, because this is not your typical blowjob movie.

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