Slam Poet Makes Donald Trump's Presidential Speech Tolerable

A big round of applause is in order for UCB and PIT regular Keisha Zollar: She's made Donald Trump's announcement that he's going to run for president again (full transcript here, by the way) tolerable — by spinning it into slam poetry.


"Our country is in seeeerious trouble," Zollar refrains throughout the video, produced by Above Average, an online comedy video network. (Zollar credits Above Average writer Glenn Boozan for the line that sounds like it could be a catch phrase.)

The comic says she performed actual slam poetry "once or twice" in her "emo" college days, but relished the opportunity to turn the form into comedy. With 509 days until the 2016 general election, Zollar will have more opportunities to turn the words of any Santorum, Clinton, Bush, or Trump into slam:

"I know I'm not supposed to be as excited as I am, but it is guaranteed to be ridiculous," she says.

Zollar currently co-hosts the Soul Glo Project podcast. She'll appear with her improv team, Doppelganger (with SNL's Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer), at the 17th Annual Del Close Marathon at the SVA Theatre at 8:30 p.m. on June 26.


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