Slow Nudes Day III

After dead John Lennon's TV appearance, we needed a nude palate cleanser, but it's still quiet, clothed Christmas season everywhere except in our accursed internet guard-tower -- and at Haber 27, an Austrian softcore vendor which is new to us but apparently works holidays including the Birth of the Baby Jesus, and is still dishing out little tiny pictures of nude women, accompanied by wonderful jah-we-sprechen-se-English commentary. Here's some of the rap from "Jump to Shower with Twins": "It is a little more photos with two naked twins. But please, be careful, Milton Twins is so hot that their nude pictures can blow up your brain and your hard dick will not calm down untill not scatter hot sperm on tender bodies of some twins." Great, we just lost the seniors. If you prudes can't get with this sort of thing, contemplate instead a lack of sex as the Raelians have canceled their scheduled International Orgasm Day due to "public pressure," though we think there might be a typo there. Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go turn up our spam filter to "everything."

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