Slowest Nudes Day Ever

This Twitter thing is fun. You know what Twitter people are doing today? Making up funny titles with the word "penis" in them. "Lord of The Penis: The Fellowship of the Cock Ring." "How Stella Got Her Penis Back." "Penis: Bigger, Longer, Uncut." "The Race to Black Penis!" Etc. No pictures, though. Meanwhile back at the old internet, you can survey the latest installment of the Portland Indie Film Examiner's "great moments of nudity in film" series. Or you can read a Focus on the Family writer's essay asking "When is Nudity OK for a Christian?" (Brief answer: very seldom. "Nakedness is associated with disgrace and shame [Isaiah 47:3, Micah 1:11, Nahum 3:5, Revelation 3:18]"). And there's an article in Canada's Walrus magazine about amateur sex photography and its perils ("In Iran, they've put $50,000 on my head... I showed the wrong girl, a mullah's daughter; some nice photos at the beach. She is twenty-five years old, and she is really ugly and she's showing her breasts, and then it's me, I'm the bad guy"). But pictures... mmm, not so much. The best we can do for you is "Heidi Klum Almost Nude" from the May issue of TV Digital Magazine. At least it's a celebrity almost-nude.

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