Snow: Making New Year's Eve an Even Bigger Shitshow Than Usual

Snow and garbage in China in 2009.
Snow and garbage in China in 2009.

Even though snow, technically, melts, and even though the next series of days have forecasts above freezing, there was just so damn much of it! Which means the snow is expected to hang around, malingering malevolently and slowly melting, through the holiday. Thus, a PSA:

The gross street piles adorned with various "colors" and garbage bags and people's discarded cheeseburgers and/or booze bottles and/or bodily fluids will still be there, albeit slightly shorter, and surrounded by larger puddles, come tomorrow night when you're tromping around in your fancy clothes in search of a party, and later, when folks are drunkenly stumbling to abodes their own or another's.

Take heed. It's gonna be uugggggly the next day, regardless of any walk of shame you're planning (or not planning) on making.


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