Someday, the Homeless Will Wear Ed Hardy

So, Super Top Secret, an interactive design and advertising shop based in Utah, has embarked on a plan to make the world "less sucky." They've printed up a bunch of T-shirts, and they're offering one of those shirts to anyone who will send in their own "heinous Affliction or Ed Hardy tee." They will donate said heinous tee to the homeless, making for what they describe as a win win situation:

You get some rad new gear and at the same time help bring this gaudy, glittery, gold-flaked trend down to its base function as a shirt. We will also accept Monarchy or any other offensively bedazzled man blouse. Along with your donation we will post pictures of where your old t-shirt ended up.

While we adore the idea of giving back, and helping the homeless, and getting Ed Hardy T-shirts off the streets -- and we do hate to look a charitable idea in the mouth -- um, does this plan perhaps fail on one or perhaps two of those counts?

Hey, new idea! Burn America's Ed Hardy tees to give the homeless warmth through the winter! Or...sell them to Jon Gosselin, and use the proceeds to buy the homeless new clothes? Like, the kind that don't lead to retinal bleeding?

[via Good]


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