Soul Survivor

Feeling blue: Gentle Souls' Brie Low
photo: courtesy of The Shoe Factory

A comfy-yet-attractive heel has always been the shoe industry's holy grail. We like to think we've come closer to the impossible, however, with Lisa Nading's eponymous line of footwear. The Bronx-based designer uses soft Italian leathers in unexpected color combinations for her whimsical slingbacks, mules,and boots. For a Moroccan-style mule, for example, she'll pair a deep plum-wine leather with a vivid cranberry-red heel and lemon-yellow insole. Sturdy, angled wood heels affixed at the center of the actual heel, where the point of balance is, create a more pleasurable walking experience for the wearer. Those who want to go one level up in comfort can check out Nading's Gentle Souls line, with more padding and a broader cut. We're particularly fond of Gentle Souls' Brie Low, a retro-40's style Mary Jane. Try the teal shade with black or brown textured tights.

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