Spitzer and Wife Make Post-Prostitute Debut

In unhappier days.

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer, who now has a higher popularity rating than actual Governor David Paterson, appeared at a New York social gala event last night with his wife, Silda, the Daily News reported -- the first time the two have appeared publicly since Spitzer resigned as Governor (above) after it was revealed that he had patronized an upscale prostitution ring.

The couple appeared at a children's benefit gala at the Walfdorf-Astoria last night, holding hands and -- according to the News -- batting eyes at one another throughout the evening.

Spitzer has cast himself as a media pundit of late, writing columns for Slate and appearing on CNN and other news outlets as a commentator on the economic crisis. Then again, it would be hard for an ego like Spitzer's to stay away from the public light -- and crammed into his father's real estate office -- for too long.

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