Squeaky Clean and Suave Cab Drivers Coming to New York

Yesterday the Taxi and Limousine Commission changed some of its policies for taxi drivers to make your ride a little more sexy. Taxi Drivers must now comply with a dress code that says they must wear clothes with a "professional appearance." According to the New York Times, this modifies the ban that was made in 1987 to block "tube shirts, cut-off shorts, and other '80s fashion stalwarts." Although this seems kind of unnecessary, there is something to be happy about.

The fines for having an unclean cab have been increased to $50. This is great because, well -- who wants to take a dirty cab? It should be expected that you're taking something just as clean as the subway (if not cleaner). The Times article quotes T.L.C. commissioner David S. Yassky as saying, "Appearance is part of the professionalism of the taxicab industry."

Besides these superficial laws, cab drivers are now not obligated to tell you that the tolls are going to cost you money. So this post is your last reminder of that.


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