Tajeme Sylvester, 31, Shot Dead in Brooklyn

At about 5:45 p.m. Monday, Brooklyn South cops responding to a "male shot" at 60 Summit Street in Red Hook found 31-year-old Tajeme Sylvester shot in the head and body. He was dead at the scene. Cops listed Sylvester's address as Sackett Road in Rock Hill, which is up in the Catskills.

But a Facebook page exists for a Brooklyn guy who has the same name -- and a very full and interesting life with hundreds of friends and family.  A comment posted on that page today indicates that, unfortunately, it may be the same guy. Cops say the investigation of the death is ongoing.

In an unrelated homicide earlier Monday, Brooklyn cops found a stabbing victim in Apartment 3G of an Institute for Community Living building at 150 East 18th Street, south of Prospect Park. The victim, Isaiah Nunez, 34, who lived in that apartment, was DOA when cops found him around noon. No arrests yet.

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