Tech Review: iPhone "Hottest Girls" Nude App

Tech Review: iPhone "Hottest Girls" Nude App

Though iPhone apps such as Bikini Blast and Peekababe have been around a while, Alan Leung's Hottest Girls app is said by its developer to be "the first app to have nudity" (He also says, "you should be happy to know that the new update contains 99% non-Asian images.") TechCrunch calls it "iPorn" -- as does the Washington Post.

Yes, it's a big story, and as this is legitimate tech news, we have sampled Hottest Girls, and find that though much if not most of the imagery is only semi-nude, showing girls in bikinis, lingerie, and damp t-shirts, it does indeed have nudity, though of the sort no one with a computer needs to pay $1.99 to obtain. In fact, as the iPhone has a browser, you can get much more hardcore material just as easily, though we understand impatient users may want something that doesn't cut out when they're driving through a tunnel. Though access-wise Hottest Girls is no handier than a box of old Swank and Nugget issues under the bed, it does have the advantage of portability, and may be just the thing for the subway, board meeting, or visit to Grandma's.

As the examples above show, the photo quality varies wildly, and as we hadn't time for the exhaustive research the subject demands, we cannot vouch for Leung's claims of 99 percent non-Asian images. But regular readers of this column will be interested to know that Hottest Girls appears to have celebrity nudes, or at least models who resemble Elizabeth Hurley, Jessica Alba, Pamela Anderson, et alia, which should serve well enough for the tiny iPhone screen.

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