Teens Behind Brooklyn Blow-Dart Sniper Attacks; 15-Year-Old In Custody

Authorities say two teens used a blow-dart gun similar to this one to attack three people in Brooklyn Sunday night.
Authorities say two teens used a blow-dart gun similar to this one to attack three people in Brooklyn Sunday night.

One of two people police say are responsible for three blow-dart attacks in Brooklyn on Sunday has been arrested. The two suspects, police say, are teenagers.

According to authorities, one of the suspects, 15-year-old Gustavo Vasquez, was taken into custody last night at his mother's home. The other alleged teenage sniper remains at large.

As we reported yesterday, three men were hit with darts Sunday in Bath Beach.

All three attacks happened in the area of Bay 32 and Bay 36th streets. Two of the victims are men in their 60s, one of whom was hit in the back and leg. The other took a dart in the stomach. The third victim is in his 40s, but it's unclear where he was hit with the dart.

Police suspect the darts were shot through a blow-gun -- a thin tube that a person blows through to propel a dart.

The New York Post caught up with some of the victims. From the Post:

Georgiy Ostrozhnyuk, 66, was sitting with neighbor Dmitriy Volper in Volper's SUV chatting at the corner of 86th and Bay 32nd streets when several darts flew in through the car's open windows.

"Suddenly, I felt like a punch in my thigh. I saw a needle in my leg and the second time in my stomach,'' Ostrozhnyuk said.

"I was very afraid. We did not know if the needle was poison. [Volper] closed the windows, but needles continued to knock on the window and the car.''

"I heard my friend screaming,'' Volper said. "One little dart was in his leg. Maybe two to three seconds later, another goes in his stomach. His T-shirt was covered with blood."

Volper said he tried to get out of the car to see who was shooting the darts, but Ostrozhnyuk stopped him.

"He said, 'Get down, get down, they'll shoot you in the head,'" Volper said.

When Vasquez was arrested, police say he admitted that he and a friend were responsible for the shootings. Darts were found in the boy's home, and he told authorities that his friend had the blow-dart gun.

The other suspect, who also is 15, has a criminal past, authorities say.

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