The 5 Weirdest News Corp Properties

Common knowledge holds that News Corp owns a lot of stuff. A lot a lot, including obvious things like Dow Jones and Fox News. But if you ever really go over News Corp's properties with a fine-tooth comb, you find some amusingly outside the box type stuff apart from their famously unsavory tabloids. Below, five of the more outré News Corp holdings.


The 5 Weirdest News Corp Properties

Zondervan is a Christian media and publishing company out of Michigan. It is a is a founding member of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. They're the people who published the New International Version of the Bible in 1978. Most of their stuff skews self-help-y and obviously religious, and they sell, like, a zillion different Bibles (the "NIV Women of Faith Study Bible: An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture," the "NIV Faithgirlz! Bible," and the "Wild About Horses Bible," among many others). Immoral British tabloid, this is not!


Baby TV

The 5 Weirdest News Corp Properties

Exactly what it sounds like. BabyTV is mostly in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and it's TV for babies (warning: the website is seriously irritating). According to Wikipedia, it's "the world's most widely distributed round-the-clock commercial-free channel for infants, toddlers, and their parents." It's just as prolific as Zondervan; programs range from the charmingly named "Pitch and Potch" to the less charmingly named "Kenny and Goorle" to the derivative-sounding "Moon." One can only imagine the scandalous goings-on at BabyTV.

The 5 Weirdest News Corp Properties

Bet you didn't know Rupert owned this site. AskMen is the Cosmopolitan for dudes who the women who read real Cosmo would date. It's basically for cavemen. In an article about -- gasp! -- what actually happens to a woman's body during pregnancy: "We will say that there are few things more beautiful than a pregnant woman... from a distance. Once you get closer, you tend to notice most expectant mothers are covered with bristly hairs, blotchy patches and a multitude of skin tags." Cute. From an article about certain kinds of women you shouldn't date: "She might clean your apartment one day while you were getting loaded at happy hour, and you'll want her there permanently." If I had to choose one other News Corp property to go down, it would totally be AskMen.



The 5 Weirdest News Corp Properties

What if sports? What if? This is a sports simulation site, basically fantasy football but it seems to be available for every sport imaginable. It's related to



The 5 Weirdest News Corp Properties

Do the people on Extreme Couponing know about this? It's printable coupons. Endless printable coupons. Everyone tell your grandmothers about this, stat, assuming they know how to use a printer.

Do you have other suggestions for weird Rupert-owned companies? Pray tell, in the comments.

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