The FDR Overpass Goes Purple

This may not be signage, technically, but it's so uniquely colored that we have to say something about it.

The FDR Overpass Goes Purple

According to NYC The Blog, the FDR overpass at South Street Seaport is getting a new violet (I see lavender) paint job as part of the New York City Economic Development Corp. East River Esplanade Project. Lavender, by the way, is said to give a feeling of calmness and peacefulness. And, frankly, the space along the East River in Lower Manhattan could use a little pick-me-up.

We are envisioning a New York City world of Easter egg colors (at least on industrial, utilitarian facades), and we have to say, it kinda does lend a calm, peaceful feeling. How can you be angry when the world is so clean and fresh and prettily colored? Until the graffiti artists come, of course.

Completion on the overpass is scheduled for June.

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